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Professional Virus Removal Service

If your computer is failing to boot,freezing,crashing or even just feeling a bit sluggish, we can diagnose faults and aim to get your computer running as fast as the day you brought it in.Some symptoms Include:

Malicious software comes in several forms and can damage your personal documents and even prevent your computer from booting into the operating system. A virus can present itself as a pop up advert or you may not even know you are infected.Some symptoms include:

  • Malware - Symptoms of an Infected Computer
  • Pop-up windows or messages
  • Odd/Unusual behavior
  • Random keyboard/mouse activity
  • Programs start unexpectedly
  • Freezing or slow running
  • Operating system won't load when starting the computer

  • We can completely remove all types of virus and malicious software on your machine. As a job we frequently carry out, we are able to offer a fixed price repair. This Job is a same day service. In addition to cleaning the computer, we install the latest security software and updates & Essential Bsic Windows Programs to keep you protected even when online & it is most vulnerable. We can even backup your data prior to carrying out any work.

Laptop Screen Replacements

We provide a fast laptop screen replacement service. The following are common symptoms of either the faulty laptop screen: Cracked / Broken Screen Dim Screen - Barely Visible Black Screen Random or intermittent lines on the screen

Laptop DC Jack Repairs

GlobalTech Computers specialize in professional laptop DC jack/power jack repairs & if need be replacements. As one of our routine jobs, we are able to offer a fixed price for this type of repair, so you know exactly how much you will be paying.Some symptoms Include: Failing to charge the battery properly (this could also be battery problem) Visibly damaged jack or missing center pin Charges intermittently or when the power adapter is in a certain position The power adapter is loose in the Power Socket The screen flickers between being bright and being dim (this could also indicate an inverter/back light problem).

Hardware Installation

Hardware components wear out over time. Many components are affordable to replace compared to buying a new machine for example Lapto screens,Hard drives,DVD/RW,Keybords,Laptop Batteries etc. We can diagnose and replace faulty hardware, making your machine stable and reliable again.

Wireless Network Setup

We can setup secure, encrypted and password protected wireless routers and networks allowing you to simultaneously share your internet connection with multiple devices (Computers, Laptops, Microsoft Xbox 360s, Sony PS3s, Sony PSPs, iPhones, Mobile Phones).

Firewall and Internet Security

We can supply and install anti-virus software on your computer protecting you against the latest malicious software (Virus, Spyware, Adware, Trojan and Rootkit, Pop Up Adverts, Browser Hijacks, Phishing Emails).

Network Backup

Networks provide a fast and efficient way to backup data using the disk space of a computer on the local network or via remote offsite computers. Our cloud backup service is an easy, secure and affordable way to back up your important data.

Overheating Computers and laptops

Computers and especially laptops have a tendency to accumulate dirt and dust over time, especially if the computer resides in a house with pets or smokers. Poor airflow to a laptop can cause seemingly random and intermittent crashes, on screen artifacts, data loss and even terminal damage to your hardware. By cleaning individual components within the computer and monitoring system temperatures, we can cure overheating problems, Seemingly random or intermittent crashing Frequent black/blank screens Poor airflow through air vents Processor fan is loud and constantly spinning or if the processor fan is not spinning